Production -> Collection -> Processing -> Consumption

1.  Production:

  • Affiliated with genetic institutes to create good quality seedlings, produce high-tech seedlings in greenhouse.
  • Provide quality seedlings for farmer, linking production households focused on the mainstream products
  • Apply, transfer of modern production equipment such as spraying system, automatic irrigation, on-site technician team, agricultural relief system.
  1. Collection
  • Requirements for the product : good quality, production is mainly in the direction of safety and organic, use less of chemical components in production.
  • Collect directly from Alofarm’s Farm
  • Collect from households who have linked production to Alofarm
  • Collect from small producers in the country

  1. Processing
  • The products after collection will be cleaned according to high technology process
  • Use traceability stamps for products
  • Recycle nonstandard products into another form such as: refined oil extract, make into fruit candy, fruit jam, …
  • Develop string value to help agricultural products enhance competitive value when accede market

  1. Consumption
  • Domestic: affiliated with food processing companies, through chain stores to introduce products, distribute to agents, …
  • Foreign: Find potential customers and markets to export quality products, expand market

  • Distribute market and users to have product lines that fit the needs of consumers

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